Our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service

Apeiron Energy is committed to preserving your privacy and safeguarding your personal information

Last revised on January 1, 2022

What information do you collect, and what do you do with it?

Generally speaking, we only collect the information necessary to carry out the action you, the user, initiate (for example, requesting product information). We do not collect other personal information surreptitiously (for example, via tracking cookies from other sites or services). As a rule, what you voluntarily submit to us is what we receive, and we use it for your intended purpose.

Apeiron Energy sends out an email newsletter with action alerts, updates, and appeals regularly. We offer the option to subscribe to our email newsletter on our action and other forms, and some folks have also subscribed in person at events or via joint actions that we may undertake with allied organizations on their websites. We do not automatically subscribe anyone to our mailing list, and you are free to take action on our site or use any of its other features without subscribing to our email list.

If you do choose to subscribe, we won’t inundate your inbox, and you can unsubscribe at any time via the links that are included in all of our emails to this list. If you have any difficulty with that process or have other questions, you can reply to the email that you received or contact us by phone or mail.

Apeiron Energy does not sell or trade names or other personal data that we collect on our website.

Do we use cookies?

Our website (like nearly all websites nowadays) does make use of cookies for some basic, essential tasks. However, we do not use them in the way that they have often raised concerns about privacy by tracking users across websites. We do not receive or store any individual personal data from cookies.

For example, we use a typical script called Google Analytics to see how many visitors view our site, which pages they view, what countries they came from, etc. This information is presented to us in an aggregated form (we see the numbers of users visiting our site, not who they are individually). It is stored as such within the Google Analytics service. Google also operates a service to display ads to individuals and uses cookies to identify them on whatever site is displaying these ads. However, we do not use this sort of service or cookie data.

By using our site, you are consenting to accept our use of cookies. But unlike many other sites, ours should not perform much differently if you decide that you do not want to accept them since we do our best only to use them for non-critical purposes. Most browsers enable cookies by default, but you can search for how to disable them online or see this article.

What other information do you collect?

In an effort to prevent fraud and ensure that our systems are working correctly, our web server and other systems routinely keep records of data such as incoming IP addresses, browser and system info, etc. We do not mine this data to determine personal information from it. In general, we use it only when necessary to verify that our systems are functioning as intended. If you are concerned about websites gathering such information from your visits. In that case, we encourage you to consider using a VPN or other anonymizing software since this data is routinely exchanged whenever you use the internet.

What if I want to be removed?

Apeiron Energy respects your privacy. If you want to review personal information that we may have collected about you, or you would like to be certain that you have been unsubscribed or removed from our lists, please feel free to contact us.


We work hard to ensure that your experience on our site is a positive one. If you have any questions about this privacy policy or your dealings with our site, please contact us if you have feedback or suggestions about improving it.

Thank you!