Apeiron Aquaculture System
  • We offer diesel-driven, Tier 4 Final GREEN engines that meet or exceed environmental requirements globally
  • Patent-designed engines require NO after-treatment (no DEF or DPF) requiring less maintenance and operating costs
  • Operates with the smallest carbon footprint in the industry
  • CSA certified and CRN serialized
  • Aftercooler is standard in the basic system; removing approx. 70% of moisture, oil and particulates
Filtration Module
  • Apeiron offers particulate and oil coalescing filtration modules with condensate management systems for environmental purposes
Dryers and Oxygen Generation
  • We offer a variety of refrigerated and regenerated heatless air dryers along with sized PSA oxygen generators for oxygen aeration enhancement

Apeiron Understands Aquaculture

  • We are a North American-based company
  • Apeiron Energy Manufactures cost-effective aquaculture aeration modular systems
  • For remote open water farms and land-based hatcheries and farms
  • We supply innovatively designed compressed air systems, air treatment modules and oxygen-enhanced aeration
  • Our leading-edge products provide a low carbon footprint for the aquaculture industry